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Kisoro Crusade

180720. Now the team from Sweden has landed in Uganda and is on their way to Kisoro and the crusade. Preparations are taking place in Kisoro and we are looking forward to the next weekend and what God will do. We believe he will show himself to the people of Kisoro as savior, healer, and deliverer.
180721. Leadership education with Agapemåltid 
180726 During the week we have prepared for the crusade, evangelized on the streets, had leadership meetings etc., and the choir is on their way to Kisoro. Tomorrow Friday, the crusade starts starts.
170727-180729 Now the crusade has started, many people have been touched by God, saved delivered and healed. God is good. We have also preached via radio in Kisoro. All glory to God.
The week after the crusade. The team is still in Kisoro. They continue to evangelize in the small villages up in the mountains and people are getting saved. They have leadersmeetings, women's meetings, youth meetings, baptism and giving clothes to poor people.
180806 Most of the team have left Kisoro for this time. However, the work continues with evangelism, baptism, etc.


"Churchday out" 29/6-1/7

This weekend we had wonderful days with "Churchday out", to meet the Östersund residents in Badhusparken.
We listened to lovely songs and music by Mpho Ludidi and Johnny Viktorsson. Christians testified about Jesus, we talked with many people and some were saved.

Väckelsekyrkan also invited hundreds of people to eat hot dogs and fika in the sunny weather on Saturday and Sunday.
Baptism was performed on Saturday in Storsjön.

Time for Östersund

We have had a great weekend the 27-29 /4 "Time for Östersund". Amazingly good teaching of several anoited evangelists / teachers, strong prophetic messages over Revivalchurch and what God has planned for Östersund.

Wonderful worship. Mission in town, prayer walks in Östersund. And several people who received Jesus as their savior.
All glory to God

The next mission weekend will be in Härnösand 25-27 / 5

Missiontrip January 2018

Georges have in january been on a missiontrip and visited the churches in Kisoro Uganda. The churches is growing, people got healed and delivered. One had meetings, nightprayer, biblestudies and meetings for leaders.

One of the churches have expanded, been decorated and new chairs been bought. Thanks to everybody who have sponsored this. All glory to God.

Down below you can see photos from the journey.

John 14:6-7  Jesus said to him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.

The Father Revealed  “If you had known Me, you would have known My Father also; and from now on you know Him and have seen Him