The vision

The vision about the church

The vision of the church came to me on the 23 April 2010. 

I saw that I was in a helicopter and it felt like I was on my way from Africa to Östersund. I saw Torvalla with all houses, but all the roofs were gone. I looked into the houses where people slept, and I saw someone with crutches. I saw that people were concerned and worried. It was a feeling of natural disaster, like a tsunami, when I saw people running around outside. 

I who had worked within the UN knew that when a disaster happens, the people directly needs a lot of help. Since I experienced war in Rwanda I knew that the needs in a disaster is extensive.

What always comes back to me when I think of the vision of the church is the fear that people experienced.

I started asking myself, if there is a natural disaster maybe they need money, or help in other ways.
A voice said, 'This is my people, who die in sin. If you will allow me to take care of them, I will heal them, I will bless them for they are living in economic powerty. After this comes revival. I've got 14 people who have different gifts, and you'll wake them. They never had spiritual freedom in other churches to use their gifts, and after that you will wake up churches. '

The next night, the Holy Ghost spoke to me that I would write down a phone number. In the morning, I called the number that went to one Pastor who previously lived in Östersund but now was studying in Uppsala. At that time he was in Östersund with his son. I told him that God said that he is a part of the revival here in Östersund, Sweden. He was quiet but asked to come back to me later.

When he called, he said he understood what I was talking about and that he might return as pastor. After our conversation he said he could be part of the revival in Uppsala because Sweden is a large country. That he was a pastor and believer show that it was a awakening of "people who have gifts" that it was the Lord's way of waking up him and pull him back.

Pastor Georges Badesire