Mission in Sweden

Many congregations give money and sponsor other countries to build schools and help other countries, and it's good to let the gospel go on.

Jesus says that we should begin in Jerusalem, and it is here in Östersund where people die in sin. The Lord also says that we can not love others unless we start with ourselves. This means that we must begin with the city where we live and help people around us.

When we help other countries, sometimes they are already saved, but here in Sweden many people are not saved but live in sin. The greatest love is to sacrifice his life for his friend. Here in Östersund many people have not heard about Jesus and do not know who he is.

We often go to town to tell the gospel and pray for the sick. In the summer we sometimes have meetings in "badhusparken" (a park) down by the beach of Storsjön, welcome to you and to all our meetings.

Your contribution is needed to help people living here so that we can reach them properly.


"Mission go" in city

Revivalchurch at Badhusparken

Revivalchurch at Badhusparken

Revivalchurch at Badhusparken

Revivalchurch at Storsjöcupen

Revivalchurch at Jamtli on National day